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Exploration of the Self, By the Self,

Thru the Self

There is no perfect practice...

Only the perfect practice for today.

Book your private session today to begin creating your perfect practice.

Introductory Trial

Yoga is a practice - a practice that meets us where we are.  I invite you to explore your practice with our introductory trial offer for group classes.  

Get 4 In Person or LIVE virtual classes for $25 today.

Available for new students only.

A lotus in a pond


Find Your Perfect Practice

Yoga is a practice of awareness - awareness of our bodies, mind, heart, & spirit.

Regardless of your spiritual or personal path, you can benefit from this ancient living science of self awareness.  I'm eager to support your growth, whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.  Discover the perfect practice for you.

  • Beginning Our Days with Intention

    30 min

    7 US dollars
  • Connecting to our Bodies, Minds, Hearts, & Spirits

    45 min

    10 US dollars
  • All Level Class - Releasing Tension in the Body & Mind

    1 hr

    12 US dollars

Watch Anywhere

Cancel Anytime

No Fancy Equipment Needed

Watch On Any Device


The Joy of Yoga from
the Comfort of Your Home


Initially, Denise started her yoga journey as a way to exercise. Before she knew it, coming to her mat became a time for herself. Even though there have been times over the years that she did not practice the poses, Denise always practiced yoga thru meditation and pranayama, breathwork. She used meditation to center, learn about herself, and accept the things she saw.



“There is great joy in discovering new things.  As we journey through life, self-care becomes increasingly important.  As does movement.  Dee guides you and leads you to #findyourplace.  You are always welcome on the mat!”


Yoga Student

In Person Classes

"Denise is an engaging caring yoga instructor who caters to those needing to release stress and chronic pain. She  ensures everyone feels welcome and comfortable. "


Yoga Student

ln Person Classes & Events

“Awesome experience. Denise was very knowledgeable and helpful with my first experience in Yoga.  I would definitely recommend.”


Yoga Student (with her husband) In Person & Virtual Classes

“My experience has been amazing.  Denise is very knowledgeable about yoga, peace, chakras, everything.  See if it's something that works for you - it worked for me!”


Yoga Student

Private Sessions

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