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E-RYT-500, E-RYT-200, YACEP with Yoga Alliance

Meditation & Energy Teacher

Mindfulness Coach

Initially, Denise started her yoga journey as a way to exercise. Before she knew it, coming to her mat became a time for herself. Even though there have been times over the years that she did not practice the poses, Denise always practiced yoga thru meditation and pranayama, breathwork. She used meditation to center, learn about herself, and accept the things she saw.

Denise holds a BA in Communications and Media Studies and has studied yoga, mindfulness, meditation, Ayurveda, Reiki/energy work, and coaching. She loves to teach Gentle Flow, Restorative, Yin, and Meditation. She lives in North Carolina with her two cats, Iris and Jem. Denise looks forward to being a part of your journey


Connect with Yourself
Anytime, Anywhere.


In her journey, Denise has found other practices that compliment and expand her yoga practice.  Her practice has opened the doors to understanding all of the bodies that makes us whole and complete - the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.  Denise's work with meditation, energy, chakras, and Ayurveda have helped her heal and connect with her higher self.

Denise loves the saying that “yoga is an exploration of self, by the self, into the self.” She can see how different parts of her journey over the years relate to that exploration. The exploration is something that never ends. A person only has to begin. Part of the reason Denise wanted to become a yoga teacher was to help others begin their journey. As a teacher and guide, she hopes to help students grow and find at least a few moments of connection while on the mat.

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